Deployment Verses From The Bible — Arming Yourself With Strength: Empowering Deployment Verses From The Bible


What is Deployment?

Deployment refers to the process of making a software application, website, or technology system available for use by users or customers. It involves installing, configuring, and launching the application or system so that it is accessible and operational.

Deployment: An important concept of the Bible?

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Title: “Finding Strength and Guidance: Deployment Verses from the Bible”

In times of deployment, when service members are called to serve in distant lands, separated from their loved ones, finding solace and strength in the words of the Bible can provide comfort and guidance. This blog post explores several verses from the Bible that offer encouragement, hope, and reassurance to those who are facing the challenges of deployment. From themes of courage and faith to the promise of God’s presence and protection, these verses serve as a source of inspiration for military personnel and their families during this challenging time. Let’s delve into the timeless wisdom and comfort found in the deployment verses from the Bible.

Those are the best Bible scriptures about Deployment.
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Deployment: The Best Bible Verses

1. From thirty years old and upward even until fifty years old, all that enter into the host, to do the work in the tabernacle of the congregation. — [Numbers 4:3]

2. And David said to Solomon his son, Be strong and of good courage, and do it: fear not, nor be dismayed: for the LORD God, even my God, will be with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee, until thou hast finished all the work for the service of the house of the LORD. — [1 Chronicles 28:20]

3. Then upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah, the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mattaniah, a Levite of the sons of Asaph, came the Spirit of the LORD in the midst of the con- gregation; — [2 Chronicles 20:14]

4. The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. — [Psalms 78:9]

5. And I made treasurers over the treasuries, Shelemiah the priest, and Zadok the scribe, and of the Levites, Pedaiah: and next to them was Hanan the son of Zaccur, the son of Mattaniah: for they were counted faithful, and their office was to distribute unto their brethren. — [Nehemiah 13:13]

6. And let the king appoint officers in all the provinces of his kingdom, that they may gather together all the fair young virgins unto Shushan the palace, to the house of the women, unto the custody of Hege the king’s chamberlain, keeper of the women; and let their things for purification be given them: — [Esther 2:3]

7. For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. — [Job 15:34]

8. And they cast lots, ward against ward, as well the small as the great, the teacher as the scholar. — [1 Chronicles 25:8]

9. And their brethren that did the work of the house were eight hundred twenty and two: and Adaiah the son of Jeroham, the son of Pelaliah, the son of Amzi, the son of Zechariah, the son of Pashur, the son of Malchiah. — [Nehemiah 11:12]

10. And said unto the Levites that taught all Israel, which were holy unto the LORD, Put the holy ark in the house which Solomon the son of David king of Israel did build; it shall not be a burden upon your shoulders: serve now the LORD your God, and his people Israel, — [2 Chronicles 35:3]

11. And these were the chief of king Solomon’s officers, even two hundred and fifty, that bare rule over the people. — [2 Chronicles 8:10]

12. And Zechariah the son of Meshelemiah was porter of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. — [1 Chronicles 9:21]

13. Among these were the divisions of the porters, even among the chief men, having wards one against another, to minister in the house of the LORD. — [1 Chronicles 26:12]

14. And David assembled all the princes of Israel, the princes of the tribes, and the captains of the companies that ministered to the king by course, and the captains over the thousands, and captains over the hundreds, and the stewards over all the substance and possession of the king, and of his sons, with the officers, and with the mighty men, and with all the valiant men, unto Jerusalem. — [1 Chronicles 28:1]

15. And all the princes, and the mighty men, and all the sons likewise of king David, submitted themselves unto Solomon the king. — [1 Chronicles 29:24]

16. Moreover Uzziah had an host of fighting men, that went out to war by bands, according to the number of their account by the hand of Jeiel the scribe and Maaseiah the ruler, under the hand of Hananiah, one of the king’s captains. — [2 Chronicles 26:11]

17. And Hezekiah appointed the courses of the priests and the Levites after their courses, every man according to his service, the priests and Levites for burnt offerings and for peace offerings, to minister, and to give thanks, and to praise in the gates of the tents of the LORD. — [2 Chronicles 31:2]

18. Both to the genealogy of the priests by the house of their fathers, and the Levites from twenty years old and upward, in their charges by their courses; — [2 Chronicles 31:17]

19. So the priests, and the Levites, and some of the people, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims, dwelt in their cities, and all Israel in their cities. — [Ezra 2:70]

20. After him repaired their brethren, Bavai the son of Henadad, the ruler of the half part of Keilah. — [Nehemiah 3:18]

21. So the priests, and the Levites, and the porters, and the singers, and some of the people, and the Nethinims, and all Israel, dwelt in their cities; and when the seventh month came, the children of Israel were in their cities. — [Nehemiah 7:73]

22. The children also of Benjamin from Geba dwelt at Michmash, and Aija, and Bethel, and in their villages. — [Nehemiah 11:31]

23. And the sons of the singers gathered themselves together, both out of the plain country round about Jerusalem, and from the villages of Netophathi; — [Nehemiah 12:28]

24. And both the singers and the porters kept the ward of their God, and the ward of the purification, according to the commandment of David, and of Solomon his son. — [Nehemiah 12:45]

25. And all Israel in the days of Zerubbabel, and in the days of , gave the portions of the singers and the porters, every day his portion: and they sanctified holy things unto the Levites; and the Levites sanctified them unto the children of Aaron. — [Nehemiah 12:47]

26. So the posts that rode upon mules and camels went out, being hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment. And the decree was given at Shushan the palace. — [Esther 8:14]

27. There are the workers of iniquity fallen: they are cast down, and shall not be able to rise. — [Psalms 36:12]

28. Rebuke the company of spearmen, the multitude of the bulls, with the calves of the people, till every one submit himself with pieces of silver: scatter thou the people that delight in war. — [Psalms 68:30]

29. Wherewith thine enemies have reproached, O LORD; wherewith they have reproached the footsteps of thine anointed. — [Psalms 89:51]


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In conclusion, the blog post “Arming Yourself with Strength: Empowering Deployment Verses from the Bible” emphasizes the importance of finding strength and courage in the midst of challenging times, particularly during deployments. By turning to the powerful verses of the Bible, individuals can find inspiration, hope, and comfort to navigate through difficult situations. These verses serve as a source of empowerment and guidance, reminding us of the resilience and faith that can sustain us through the toughest of circumstances. Ultimately, by arming ourselves with the strength found in these verses, we can face deployment with a sense of inner fortitude and peace.


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