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What is Judgement?

Judgment refers to the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

Judgement: An important concept of the Bible?

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Welcome to our enlightening journey through the pages of the Bible, exploring the profound theme of judgment as it unfolds in scriptural verses. In this blog post, we delve into the diverse and poignant lessons about judgment that have guided believers for centuries. These verses not only reflect God’s justice but also teach us about discernment, consequences, and mercy. Whether you are seeking deeper theological insights or practical guidance for everyday living, the biblical verses on judgment offer a rich source of wisdom and reflection. Join us as we uncover the significance of these teachings and how they can influence our understanding of justice and morality in the modern world.

Those are the best Bible scriptures about Judgement.
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Judgement: The Best Bible Verses

1. And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. — [Isaiah 2:4]

2. But the LORD shall endure for ever: he hath prepared his throne for judgment. And he shall judge the world in righteousness, he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness. — [Psalms 9:7-8]

3. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. — [2 Corinthians 5:10]

4. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. — [Matthew 12:36]

5. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. — [Revelation 20:12]

6. For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. — [Exodus 12:12]

7. Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God. — [1 Corinthians 4:5]

8. The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. — [Numbers 14:18]

9. Before the LORD: for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth. — [Psalms 96:13]

10. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened. — [Daniel 7:10]

11. Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour. — [Leviticus 19:15]

12. Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. — [Revelation 14:7]

13. Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. — [Amos 5:18]

14. Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. — [Acts 17:31]

15. In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel. — [Romans 2:16]

16. That be far from thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from thee: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? — [Genesis 18:25]

17. So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment. — [James 2:12-13]

18. I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. — [Ecclesiastes 3:17]

19. Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about. — [Joel 3:12]

20. The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed. — [1 Samuel 2:10]

21. Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead. — [1 Peter 4:5]

22. Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord GOD. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. — [Ezekiel 18:30]

23. And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. — [Micah 4:3]

24. The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here. The men of Nineve shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here. — [Luke 11:31-32]

25. Many seek the ruler’s favour; but every man’s judgment cometh from the LORD. — [Proverbs 29:26]

26. For the LORD shall judge his people, and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left. — [Deuteronomy 32:36]

27. Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know there is a judgment. — [Job 19:29]

28. A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth; for the LORD hath a controversy with the nations, he will plead with all flesh; he will give them that are wicked to the sword, saith the LORD. — [Jeremiah 25:31]

29. Then hear thou from heaven, and do, and judge thy servants, by requiting the wicked, by recompensing his way upon his own head; and by justifying the righteous, by giving him according to his righteousness. — [2 Chronicles 6:23]

30. The LORD hath also a controversy with Judah, and will punish Jacob according to his ways; according to his doings will he recompense him. — [Hosea 12:2]


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The conclusion of the blog post “Empowered by Scripture: Exploring Transformative Judgement Verses from the Bible” emphasizes the profound impact that biblical teachings on judgement can have on personal growth and understanding. It highlights how these verses not only offer guidance on discernment and justice but also inspire a deeper spiritual reflection, leading to a more compassionate and equitable approach in one’s daily life. The post encourages readers to embrace these scriptures as tools for transformation, promoting a life led by wisdom and empathy, rooted in the principles of divine judgement and mercy.


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