Frustration Verses From The Bible — Overcoming Frustration With Scripture: Finding Strength And Encouragement In The Bible


What is Frustration?

Frustration is a feeling of annoyance, disappointment, or dissatisfaction caused by an obstructed goal or unimplemented desire.

Frustration: An important concept of the Bible?

frustration bible verses quote

Frustration is an emotion that all of us experience at one time or another. As we are navigating life, we may find ourselves in situations that are difficult, and it can be hard to manage our emotions. The Bible has many verses that can help us deal with our frustrations and remind us of God’s love and care for us. In this blog, we will look at some of the verses from the Bible that can help us cope with our frustrations. We will look at how these verses can help us to remember that no matter what we are going through, God is with us and He will never leave us. We will also explore how we can use these verses to redirect our focus to the hope that we have in Christ and the peace that He offers.

Those are the best Bible scriptures about Frustration.
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Frustration: The Best Bible Verses

1. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, — [Galatians 5:22]

2. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. — [James 4:8]

3. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: — [James 1:19]

4. Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. — [Colossians 3:13]

5. Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: — [Ephesians 4:26]

6. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: — [1 Peter 5:6]

7. Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. — [Romans 12:15]

8. Do all things without murmurings and disputings: — [Philippians 2:14]

9. Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: — [1 Peter 4:12]

10. He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly. — [Proverbs 14:29]

11. Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools. — [Ecclesiastes 7:9]

12. From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. — [James 4:1-2]

13. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, — [Romans 8:20]

14. If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan? — [Jeremiah 12:5]

15. For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the silly one. — [Job 5:2]

16. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD. — [Lamentations 3:26]

17. Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. — [Colossians 4:1]

18. (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day. — [Romans 11:8]

19. Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention. — [Habakkuk 1:3]

20. Let them be confounded that persecute me, but let not me be confounded: let them be dismayed, but let not me be dismayed: bring upon them the day of evil, and destroy them with double destruction. — [Jeremiah 17:18]

21. Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment. — [Isaiah 59:15]

22. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. — [Revelation 2:21]

23. As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house. — [Ezekiel 3:9]

24. (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;) — [2 Peter 2:8]

25. And thou hast removed my soul far off from peace: I forgat prosperity. — [Lamentations 3:17]

26. Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail? — [Jeremiah 15:18]

27. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. — [Micah 2:3]

28. And they shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness. — [Isaiah 8:22]

29. Therefore he hath poured upon him the fury of his anger, and the strength of battle: and it hath set him on fire round about, yet he knew not; and it burned him, yet he laid it not to heart. — [Isaiah 42:25]

30. I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not. — [3 John 1:9]


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No matter the frustration or difficulty we are facing in life, the Bible can be a source of strength and encouragement. When we turn to Scripture, we can find hope, comfort, and guidance. We can also find reminders of God’s faithfulness and His unfailing love. May we all have the courage to seek God in our times of need and trust in His promises.


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